PLEXSYS has been integrated into the Joint Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) to Tactical Data Link (TDL) Modernization (JITM) Quick Reaction Test (QRT), which was directed to develop a procedure for the integration of national ISR data into Link 16 architecture and to update Military Standard (MIL-STD) 6016. The JITM QRT team, under the oversight of the Air Force Joint Test Program Office (AFJO), tested and validated new message sets and applied them to the next iteration of MIL-STD 6016 to provide more accurate, complete and timely national intelligence to the warfighter.

“The work accomplished during the JITM QRT to grow Link 16 capabilities and integrate these national feeds will assuredly enhance the capabilities of the warfighter at the operational C2 level where the Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) executes,” said Greg Kraut, PLEXSYS vice president of Business Development and Marketing. “Including the PLEXSYS data-links simulation training solution as an organic capability within the Ultra-ATS JET system guarantees an immersive LVC training capability tailored to the specific requirements associated with operational C2 warfighting.”

The Joint Control Cell Extended Trainer (JET)

On loan from Ultra Electronics for the duration of the JITM QRT, the JET software suite is the first desktop simulation capability installed and employed at AFJO. This temporary capability has proven to be a perfect tool for the JITM QRT and has provided a template for future government-industry partnerships in support of test solutions.

Field Testing

During Field Test 1, the JET suite allowed the test team to replicate typical workstations for the joint track data coordinators and senior air defense officers such as those found in air operation centers. Overall, the JET software enabled the creation and presentation of a realistic and interactive test environment for the JITM QRT. Additionally, the use of the JET software facilitated data collection in support of the QRT’s Critical Operational Issues and served as a jumping-off point for Joint Warfighter Advisory Group (JWAG) discussions about Link 16 operator features.

The JITM QRT team executed their second and final field test from October 1-26, 2018. The team presented the results to the community of interest at the third and final JWAG, November 19-20, 2018, at AFJO Headquarters, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. The QRT closed down on February 5, 2019.