VSTEP has been awarded a contract from the Hellenic Navy to provide three NAUTIS Console simulators equipped with the Naval module to their training facility in Piraeus, Athens. With this solution the Navy forces will be able to bring their navigation training capability to an even higher level.

This new delivery will include three NAUTIS console simulators ready for training with different types of vessels, environments and naval related objects. Each simulator has a display on three screens, thus creating an immersive 120-degree outside view. For the installation, the Hellenic Navy training centre will equip the new NAUTIS software on their current hardware configuration. This solution will allow them to use a new, state-of-the-art simulator with minimum hardware investment. Moreover, to ensure that training needs are fulfilled, 15 custom vessels will be built and added to the software in the coming three years. This will enable mariners to fully train their naval operational, ship handling and navigation skills on familiar vessels.

The Hellenic Navy is the main naval force protecting Greek waters. It is part of the Hellenic Armed Forces and has its operations in a strategically important area of the South-East Mediterranean Sea. The goals of the Navy are to protect border integrity, commercial sea-lines and to cultivate security to all Greek islands. Navy ships constantly carry out patrolling missions to deal with any possible external threats and to support Hellenic Coast Guard.

Traditional Navy trainings are costly, time consuming and complex. Training sessions can place pressure and risk on both crew and training instructors. In line with traditional training methods, simulator training is becoming a pivotal resource in the modern and changing maritime landscape. Maritime simulators provide the opportunity to re-create a wide range of real-life scenarios unique to naval environments that help the sailors train in a risk-free environment.