On the occasion of the German Armed Forces day, June 15, 2019, the new maintenance training rig NTH90 MTR FC of the German Navy Air Wing 5 in Nordholz, Lower Saxony, built by REISER SIMULATION AND TRAINING GmbH, was handed over to the unit in a formal ceremony.

The maintenance training rig with a functional cockpit is a training means for future aircraft technicians on the German Naval Transport Helicopter 90, which is bound for tasks on board of ships and on shore to support naval operations. The unique rig combines learning hands-on mechanical tasks as well as electronic tasks for qualification and certification of aircraft technicians, thus almost completely avoiding the use of the flying platform for technicians. The rig has been delivered after only 22 months of development and production, with a first try on-site-acceptance-test and within the contracted framework of performance, time, quality and cost.

The maintenance training rig is ready for training before the flying platform is scheduled to enter service later this year.