Inzpire will publicly display its upgraded Targeted Fidelity Simulator (TFS) for the first time at DSEI 2019.

The TFS will showcase higher fidelity instruments and displays than before. It will be in an EC135 helicopter configuration and be using Bohemia Interactive Simulations Blue IG and VBS3 software.

"Our aim at Inzpire is to create a revolution in simulation training and we have continued to develop our targeted fidelity simulator to ensure it remains at the leading edge of mission training," said Steven Pook, Inzpire’s Targeted Fidelity Simulator programme manager.

"Inzpire’s collective training and operational experience in live and simulated environments helps us to design and deliver the very best simulator training systems for our customers and the TFS device we have brought to DSEI fully demonstrates Inzpire’s intent to live up to our aim”.

Inzpire’s ex-military personnel have developed the TFS to provide a fully customisable alternative to traditional full motion simulators (FMS). Inzpire say FMS are typically costly, necessitate large spaces for installation and do not always deliver the required training need.

After the DSEI show in London, the TFS will received further upgrades. It will get a new rear cabin area that utilises VR headsets to provide 360 degree views of the helicopter. It will include a crew-served weapon and winch operator training capability.

Additionally, the TFS will be integrated with Pitch Talk software that will introduce a networked communications capability.