VirTra Inc. will debut its Ultra High Definition 300-degree immersive training simulator, which combines five state-of-the-art laser-based 4K projectors, at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference from October 26-29, 2019.

VirTra began preparing to utilize future 4K high-resolution displays approximately six years ago with the goal of replicating human visual acuity in a new line of simulation products. By more accurately reproducing objects, subtle visual details, body language, and non-verbal threat cues, these new simulators more perfectly replicate simulations of real-world encounters. In conjunction with the new simulators, VirTra will be releasing updated versions of its certified V-VICTA curriculum, which will include Autism Spectrum Disorders, Special Populations, and Emotionally Disturbed Persons, among others.

“Training to correctly handle potentially dangerous individuals in a high-stress, realistic, and dynamic environment is particularly difficult but extremely valuable for law enforcement and military agencies.  Research has demonstrated that the more accurately training simulations can reproduce lifelike situations, the more effective that training becomes. This advancement ushers in a new era of simulation realism for both judgmental use-of-force and marksmanship training,”

VirTra’s General Manager, Jason Mulcahy, stated, “By leveraging near perfect visual acuity in the simulator, we can now help train officers to recognize and appropriately respond to more subtle nuances in human behavior and movement, which weren’t possible with previous technology.”

VirTra will showcase additional products and offerings during the three days at the IACP Conference, including the V-DTS driver simulator, V-VICTA, V-Threat-Fire, and Advanced Skills Magazines for both handguns and rifles.