NATO's community met at the new NCI Academy to attend the fourth Education and Training (E&T) Conference last month.

Over 185 people from 26 countries attended the conference, which was held at the Academy's new facilities in Oeiras, Portugal.

The Oct 29-30 conference brought together participants from various NATO bodies and Nations with training providers in communications and information systems (CIS), C4ISR and cyber security.

The conference addresses training needs and trends, including collective training support tools. It is also serves as a networking event for NATO, its Nations and national training users and providers.

Education and training plays a fundamental role in NATO´s ability to fulfil its mission of deterrence and collective defence.

Education and Training

MGEN Göksel Sevindik, Chief of Staff of the NCI Agency, welcomed participants to the conference.

“Our new NCI Academy, right here in Oeiras, will be a lighthouse for NATO," said Sevindik. "Students trained at our new Academy will go on to protect and defend NATO and national IT and communications systems for the air, land, maritime and cyber domains."

The conference began with plenary briefings that brought together the NCI Academy´s customers and sponsors. The conference continued with four sessions on individual training, collective training tools, cyber training and the Agency´s internal training.

More people attended this conference than the previous ones, demonstrating an increasing interest in the subject.

“From the Dean perspective, I can see that there is an increasing coherence regarding the direction NATO E&T is taking towards using technology as a learning enabler; you can feel a palpable appetite to make as much use as possible of the NCI Agency Academy facility in Oeiras," said Dr Garry Hargreaves, Acting Dean of the NCI Academy.

The conference was an opportunity for information exchange and improved collaboration with NATO and national training providers.

"It fostered an open exchange of views, enhanced the discussion of new ideas and brought the NATO C4ISR and Cyber E&T community together," said NCI Academy Deputy Director Colonel Paulo Nunes.