The DiSTI Corporation announced the release of GL Studio 7.0. The latest version of GL Studio offers workflow improvements, enabling customers to get their products to market faster with less rework and streamlines the User Experience (UX) in the editor and provides a drag and drop library of customizable widgets called the User Interface (UI) Widget Pack.

The UI Widget Pack enables users to create form-style applications with the use of 19 new pre-created widgets, including a combo box, progress bar, ribbon, nested folder trees, and more. Each widget is customizable and comes with complete source code. Users obtain full control in working with desktop applications and production-quality embedded targets. All of the new widgets are designed for desktop, standard embedded, safety-critical deployments.

“The latest release of GL Studio contains significant workflow improvements for our customers based on extensive research by our in-house User Experience designers,” said Christopher Giordano, VP of UX/UI Technology at DiSTI.

Additional key UX enhancements of the 7.0 release includes updates to the objects property table, text updates, object scaling, and to GL Studio Editor.