Alsim announced the sale of an ALX simulator to Pacific Flying Club (PFC) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Pacific Flying
Image credit: Alsim

Owner of an Alsim AL200 MCC for over 10 years, PFC recently decided to trade-in their device for the more technological advanced and modern ALX simulator. The school opted for all available flight models and options from a single engine piston close to a 172, to a medium jet close to a 320, and will use two Garmin GTN650s. It includes many advanced features including complex overhead, dual FMS and Alsim’s new visual system. It is a device that provides a whole range of flight training from someone’s first flight to jet orientation training before joining the airlines.

Executive Director at PFC Clark Duimel says, “We used our very reliable AL200 extensively for more than a decade and we look forward to 10+ years with our new ALX.”