UFA introduced it's ATLIVE software in February 2019. Prior to the release of the simulator, UFA selected FoxGuard Solutions' computer, the Simitar BANTAM I, to bundle with UFA's air traffic control trainer.

"UFA was searching for a computer solution that, at first, we didn't think possible. Through design collaboration, FoxGuard Solutions created the BANTAM I small form factor computer, which met our extraordinary requirements perfectly,” said Amy Parish, project manager.

"The BANTAM I is around 15 lbs, compact, and can be mounted to the back of a display. These attributes matched up well with UFA's requirements," said Patrick Patterson, chief strategy officer of FoxGuard Solutions.

FoxGuard Solutions' BANTAM I and UFA's ATLIVE simulator will be showcased at the I/ITSEC trade show from December 2nd until December 6th in UFA's booth #1926.