Horizon purchase Entrol simulator

UAE-based helicopter flight training academy, Horizon, has signed a purchase agreement with Entrol for a Bell 505 FTD level 2 simulator, valued at AED 5.5 million ($1.5 m).

The simulator is based on the Bell 505 helicopter and is equipped with the latest avionics glass cockpit. It features a 200º x 70º spherical visual high-resolution database with mission scenarios and a vibration system to increase the realism of training.

"We are confident that our new FTD simulator will significantly enhance the efficiency of our training, as it simulates realistic learning environments on a single-engine aircraft," said Hareb Thani Al Dhaheri, CEO of Horizon.

The simulator will be used in Horizon’s Basic Flight Training (BFT), Instrument Rating (IR) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) courses as well as mission training in a multi-role capacity.

During the general handling phase, instructors will be able to demonstrate every task from pre-start and start to flight maneuvering and shut-down.

In addition, it will enable pilot training on handling emergencies and the corresponding procedures for a safe recovery of the aircraft. During the instrument phase, it will create a comprehensive instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) learning environment.