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We are happy to announce that our new flight training centre in London will be ready for training on 15th February 2020. The training centre will be located close to London Gatwick airport in the Boeing training building at Crawley and will provide courses for Airbus A320 series.

Avion Group

In the new centre customers will have a unique experience with Avion A320 full flight simulator that recreate 97% of the actual aircraft behaviour. The simulator motion platform has six degrees of freedom and besides the realistic sound, the simulator also has a number of special motion and visual effects. The simulator will be certified EASA Level D with full UPRT and Zero Flight Time capabilities.

The Avion A320 full flight simulator is available for multiple types of professional training, including Full and CCQ Type Ratings, Multi Crew Cooperation and Airline Pilot Standard Courses (MCC and APS) Type Rating Instructor and Examiner Training Courses (TRI and TRE), Command upgrade training and UPRT.

Captain Peter Warren, IAGO Head of Training said: "IAGO customers recognise that flight crew should, ideally, train on devices which accurately reflect customer fleets. The new Avion flight simulator technology creates a far more immersive and relevant training experience for IAGO customers compared to legacy training devices and will allow our pilots to develop their skills and competencies and ultimately be safer pilots. There have been major improvements in flight simulator technology in recent years, IAGO will place these technologies at the forefront of our training propositions moving forward."

IAGO, a trusted training partner with strong customer engagement, value focused and safety led training programs, will provide quality commercial pilot training solutions.

Whether it’s a total pilot supply solution or supporting customers with capacity loading peaks, IAGO has a proven capability with years of expertise and experience across a wide range of ATO services. "Our training methodology and programs aims to produce graduate pilots with enhanced resilience, pilots not just trained for defined and known scenarios, trained beyond specific technical knowledge and skills, but where robust overall competence and resilience is developed alongside human factors in order to best equip pilots to cope with any possible situation and the most relevant threats," added Warren.

IAGO TRI And TRE Authorisation courses produce great results for our customers, airlines and individuals alike. Given our reputation to deliver great trainee experience and develop role model the trainers of the future, IAGO has become the training partner of choice in the field of instructor and examiner training.  Avion Group is happy to provide you with the best experience with this full flight simulator and together with training partner IAGO will bring flight training to the next level. If you would like more information or want to book your training, please contact Avion Group or IAGO.