L3Harris Technologies will provide two new Full Flight Simulators (FFS) for Chinese flight training operator Guangdong Meihua Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

Meihua's new facility in Guangzhou, a major aviation hub that is home to several Chinese airlines, will house the FFS.

The A320 and B737NG simulators will feature a fully-electric motion system. This reduces maintenance costs and power consumption, while increasing reliability. Meihua has the option to buy another 737NG and 737MAX FFS by the end of 2020.

“We are really impressed by the quality of the devices," said Jianmei Xue, President, Guangzhou Xue Hang Logitics Co., Ltd. Meihua Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. "And their ability to offer our airline customers’ high-fidelity simulation training.

"We are looking forward to further building our relationship with L3Harris as we establish our presence as a leading training provider in the region."

Meihua, a subsidiary of Xue Hang Group, specialize in pilot training, flight attendant training, dispatcher training, maintenance training among others. It also develops training equipment and assembly, aviation exhibition, flight experience and other integrated aviation services.

The company achieved CCAR 142 flight training center qualified by CAAC and entered into service in August 2018. It is the first third-party training center in the central south region.

L3Harris has approximately $18 billion in annual revenue and 50,000 employees, with customers in 130 countries.