Spanish flight sim manufacturers Simloc have renewed its agreement with Juan Velarde, elite aerobatic pilot and leader of Team Velarde26. Velarde will continue to be Simloc's ambassador and take part in multiple activities for the company.

Velarde, an airline captain, will advise Simloc on relevant issues to flight simulation. This includes UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training), which is recurring for commercial pilots.

The relationship between Simloc and Team Velarde26 began in 2017, when Velarde took part in the Red Bull Air Race as the only Spanish pilot.

"Given the world class category of Juan Velarde as aerobatic and sports pilot, his extensive experience as airline captain and his personal worth, Simloc cannot count on a better ambassador," said Carlos Pérez, CEO of the company.

"I am sure that with Juan's advice we will improve the quality of our simulation services."

Simloc will exhibit at the World Aviation Training Summit from April 28-30 in Orlando, Florida.