Lido Surface Data NEXTView has become the first aviation terrain product to gain EASA Service Provider Type 1 Certificate.

Lido Surface Data NEXTView is the world’s first high-resolution, global terrain dataset specifically designed for the aviation industry. It provides data with continual updates and incorporates Lido’s aerodrome database, increasing the accuracy around aerodromes.

The solution is the only certified digital surface model that fulfills all relevant industry standards, Lufthansa Systems said.

It developed Lido Surface Data NEXTView in collaboration with Intermap Technologies. Intermap have a long-standing expertise in digital elevation models.

"We are extremely proud to be the first to receive an EASA certificate for our newly developed terrain product," said Michael Sauter, Senior Product Owner for Aeronautical Data at Lufthansa Systems.

"Lido Surface Data NEXTView is further enriching our aeronautical data portfolio and provides a fundamental database for the increasingly digitally driven future of mobility."

With the newly certified terrain product, Lufthansa Systems is enabling the aviation industry to further enhance solutions. These include synthetic vision systems, combined vision systems, terrain awareness and ground proximity warning systems.

"This announcement is a milestone for Intermap Technologies’ data business," said Patrick Blott, Chairman and CEO of Intermap Technologies.

"With the certification of Lido Surface Data NEXTView, we are now able to work with our partners at Lufthansa Systems to consistently and globally deliver high-resolution information that aviators and airlines need to improve the customer experience, navigation and safety.