With more and more flights cancelled every day, even pilots can’t train as they used to. Being unable to reach the simulators often located in another country becomes a challenge in itself. Faced with this challenge, Anders Nicolai Martstrander, Chief Theoreticall Knowledge Instructor at Babcock, turned to Aviation eLearning’s V360E as a solution. As a V360E user, he knows first-hand the ability of the tool to create virtual cockpit trainers that can easily be accessed by learners from their devices wherever they may be.

“We have worked with the V360E for more than a year now and seen how it improves our training, this is just an added benefit that we can support our pilots at home,” Anders explained.

In January 2019, Babcock engaged the services of Aviation eLearning and their V360E platform to design a cockpit procedure trainer for their fleet of King Air 250 as well as Cessna 680A Citation Latitude. The finished project will be deployed using the same V360E platform. With just a click, Babcock pilots will be able to train from home with a virtual Cessna 680, and even test their procedures within the virtual 360° setting and also refresh knowledge answering questionnaires created and distributed through the V360E.