FlightSafety International now provides the ground school portion of its recurrent training programs online through the instructor-led LiveLearning training system.

Recurrent Training
Image credit: FlightSafety International

“FlightSafety’s web-based and instructor-led recurrent ground school provides our customers with the benefits of classroom learning and the convenience of taking courses remotely,” said Steve Gross, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “FlightSafety worked with the FAA and other regulatory agencies to obtain approval for this innovative new approach, which includes the requirement to complete the simulation portion of the course within 90 days of finishing the online ground school.”

FlightSafety will offer these courses for more than 20 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft models.

“With LiveLearning, our customers have live interaction with their instructor and others taking the course and use of online annotation tools, cockpit recordings, video, interactive features and more,” added Steve Gross.