The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a new scenario to its Runway Safety Pilot Simulator, The Anatomy of Wrong Surface Event Part 1: Pilot.

Image credit: Federal Aviation Administration

The six-minute animation is one of three scenarios currently offered on the Runway Safety Simulator website, with others focusing on runway safety best practices. The Anatomy of Wrong Surface Event can be used to identify risk mitigation procedures and best practices.

The new scenario begins by stating, “Wrong surface events, such as wrong runway, or taxiway approaches, landings or departures are a prevalent threat to aviation safety operations in our national airspace system. Several human factors contribute to wrong surface events, which we will further explore by relating them to real life situations.”

Future scenarios on this topic will be released at a later date, with Part 2 will focusing on the environment and Part 3 on training. The material is free to access and does not require a membership.