In these unprecedented times where most airline flight crew are not flying, VRpilot, a Danish aerospace startup, has begun user testing of their interactive virtual reality cockpit procedure trainer, VRflow.

VRflow is based on the self-contained, portable Oculus Quest device and incorporates advanced VR learning technologies to practice cockpit procedures on any aircraft type. Procedures are easily customized to the individual operator.

Procedures are split into normal and emergency/abnormal procedures and features a “Training” and “Exam” mode (with and without help) as well as a “Hit Me” function where the user will be thrown into a random emergency procedure in “Exam” mode. Each procedure is evaluated after training so the user can see how he/she has performed.

The whole concept is based on self-learning where the user can learn and practice cockpit procedures at their own pace at home. This make VRflow ideal for staying current as a pilot during the lockdown.

User testing is currently being performed by flight instructors and former airline flight crew. The user testing will provide feedback to the fine tuning of VRflow.