The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), based in Princess Anne, Maryland, is now using Avsoft International online courses for student education in its Aviation Science Professional Pilot program.

The Engineering and Aviation Science Complex at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Image Credit: UMES

The program at UMES is using Avsoft’s Boeing 737-700/-800 differences initial aircraft systems online pilot course for theory with all modules and exams from the initial course to satisfy its requirements for the Aviation Sciences course, Advanced Aircraft Systems.

Chris Hartman, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Aviation Science commented: “Due to Covid-19 we had to transition all courses online and we needed a strong solution. We are pleased to use Avsoft’s online courses as part of our aircraft systems education. The 737-700/-800 differences initial systems course provided by Avsoft is very comprehensive and provides a thorough understanding of the aircraft systems operation for our students for this part of the course. Even when we get back to “normal” we will continue to use the Avsoft product as a significant enhancement to the classroom course.”

Avsoft’s proprietary Learning Management System (AvLMS) is being used to deliver the required training and provides comprehensive reporting facilities to administer all aspects of the course completion record keeping.