PLEXSYS’ sonomarc update enables modern training mission operations for instructors and operators. With a fully-featured text chat capability, VoIP phone support, touchscreen record and replay timeline interface, and configurable streamlined user interface, sonomarc 4.7 is a significant capability upgrade.

Image credit: PLEXSYS

The modern instructor/trainer plays many roles simultaneously. Sonomarc Chat Link’s multiple personalities feature makes it easy to keep track of sets of messages, rooms, and notifications across different domains and trainees. Chat Link provides a dedicated internal chat server and connections to external servers via industry-standard XMPP.

“This chat capability represents PLEXSYS at its best, quickly responding to a need, and creating what the operator wants based on our experience as operators and customer feedback,” says Homer Walden, senior business development manager.

This update adds VoIP phones to the Instructor Link interface, enabling integration with or modeling of real-world VoIP phone systems. Instructors can use multiple phone numbers on different networks to role play effectively.

Also new to this update is the sonomarc Recorder touch timeline interface. The Recorder provides an interface for recording and replaying audio communications. Whether the audio is on a simulated radio, intercom, phone, operator or instructor station, it is recorded and synchronized. Navigation and playback are done with swipe, drag, zoom, and tap controls such as tap to listen/mute.

Sonomarc 4.7 will be released on December 18, 2019. Visitors of I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida, can visit PLEXSYS Booth 1573 during December 2-5 to get an advance peek of these new functions.