Presagis is presenting a series of multi-faceted integrations of their simulation software with game-engine technology at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC booth 2848) taking place December 2-6 in Orlando, Florida.

Presagis has made a strong push forward in game-engine visualization by including Presagis’ Ondulus NVG functionality in the Unreal Engine. Part of the Ondulus family of sensor simulation products, Ondulus NVG gives users the ability to add realistic physics-based night-vision sensor simulation to training or mission planning environments.

“What began as a collaboration in 2018 has blossomed into a full-fledged force in 2019. Our steady integration of game engine technology to and from our products has generated an extremely positive response from the market,” explains Eric Simon, Vice President of Product Management at Presagis. “The appetite for game-engines being used in simulation is insatiable, and Presagis is happy to respond,“  he adds.

Presagis’ integration of Ondulus NVG within Unreal Engine is being demonstrated at the Presagis booth (#2848) on the Dismounted Immersive Ground Motion VR Trainer.

In addition to night-vision, Presagis is also demonstrating ORB ViewR, an application that allows content creators to view open world OGC-CDB databases using the latest game rendering benefits.

Presagis is also showcasing its new OpenFlight-to-Unreal plugin, which allows users to import all of their OpenFlight assets and terrains into Unreal Engine through Datasmith.