Trideum is the Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Test Environment (CVATE) provider for the U.S. Army Redstone Test Center (RTC). Under this contract, Trideum is developing a secure and rigorous test environment that mimics the Army’s complex system of system operational environment. The CVATE environment enables RTC customers to determine the impact to mission effectiveness of their weapon systems when they are under attack from current and foreseeable cyber threats. 

“The weapons systems and networks that our soldiers depend on to execute their mission are under an ever-growing cyber threat intended to render them less effective.” said Kurt Lessmann, Trideum’s Chief Technology Officer.

In addition to the development of cyber test environments like CVATE, Trideum also develops solutions and enhances processes to strengthen cyber defense and offense mechanisms outside the lab. One such program is the Cyber Table Top (CTT) toolset. 

“One of the most successful programs we’ve developed under the CVATE contract is Cyber Table Top toolset, said Lessmann. “This powerful toolset is an innovative user-experienced based software solution that transforms the DoD CTT guidebook into an automated and collaborative process.”  

While supporting customers such as the U.S. Army Redstone Test Center, Trideum continues to expand their knowledge to better support and secure weapon systems and networks in use by the Armed Forces. 

Trideum is exhibiting at I/ITSEC Booth #2626.