QuantaDyn Corporation will be showcasing their latest advancements in the QFires product line, including the QFires Curve (CP-400) at I/ITSEC in Booth #749.

The QFires CP-400 utilizes Barco UniSee LCD system of bezel-less screens to provide a rich scene for an immersive training environment.  With the Barco UniSee system, Barco has redesigned and optimized every component of the LCD video wall, resulting in a new way to look at large screen visualization. On display at I/ITSEC is a 5x1, 10-degree configuration (45-degree HFOV) representative of the QFires Curve CP—400 (15x2, 19-degree articulation, 4m wide, 285-degree HFOV).

VBS Blue IG from Bohemia Interactive Simulations will be providing high-fidelity image generation technology. VBS Blue is a high-performance, CIGI-compliant, 3D whole-earth image generator designed to support the full spectrum of land, sea, air and space use cases for collective and individual training. Blue IG provides a baseline global terrain that is procedurally enhanced from real-world data, and offers developers the flexibility to use procedural content, satellite imagery, high-resolution terrain, or geo-specific features to enhance areas of special interest.

QuantaDyn provides all the simulation hosting for its product line through its DIScover software. DIScover is enabling a DACAS scenario that allows the JTAC to pass a Digitally aided 9 line to an aircraft via Andriod Tactical Assualt Kit (ATAK). DIScover provides the hub for all the simulation interfaces to acheive a holistic simulation solution to the customer that allows the customer modularity through the lifecycle of a program and can update software and new technology as they see fit. This gives the customer the advantage on their training program.