Inzpire Limited’s Collective Training Division has recently delivered the final Exercise IRON DRAGON under the Distributed Synthetic Air and Land Training (DSALT) programme.

Since 2017, Inzpire’s synthetic training experts have delivered three iterations of the week-long IRON DRAGON exercise, providing divisional level training at the Air Battlespace Training Centre at RAF Waddington.

The content has developed over the three years, with adaptations made after the first two iterations.

Over time, Exercise IRON DRAGON prepared personnel for future military exercises in the U.K. and the United States. It enabled trainees to develop skills in tactics, procedures, drills, and processes across Joint Fires and ISR domains. They taught personnel how to operate within their cells and the exercise presented them with realistic challenges that they are likely to face in future exercises and operations.

Exercise IRON DRAGON 2020 provided training to 3rd (United Kingdom) Division. During IRON DRAGON 2020, exercise personnel also included allies from the United States 75th Field Artillery Brigade (United States), who provided insights in to how the training should take place as to maximise learning potential ahead of future training in the US.


Throughout the three-year training period, 3rd (UK) Division set their own training objectives which Inzpire’s experts have used to create tailored exercises. They designed the exercises to incorporate other British Army personnel, including 3 Army Air Corps and Offensive Support Group, to ensure they met future military requirements.

To enhance the bespoke training, Inzpire representatives visited exercises taking place both in the United States and on Salisbury plain. This enabled them to replicate the challenges in a synthetic domain.

Inzpire’s experts also worked on the delivery of the exercises, leading to the creation of a fully immersive learning environment. Inzpire’s personnel used their array of military operational experience to role-play specific air, land and maritime platforms.

The team also ran the after action review for each mission. After action review is one of the most vital parts of the training. It gives personnel the opportunity to discuss team challenges, frictions and lessons from the exercise. 

In a display of the Whole Force Approach in action, the Inzpire team worked alongside serving military, QinetiQ, Plexsys and Boeing personnel.

"The Inzpire Team have repeatedly delivered a first-class immersive training environment," said Commander 1st Artillery Brigade, Brigadier Mark Pullan MBE.  

“The synchronisation of Integrated Action (IA), coupled with the optimisation of Divisional warfighting processes, remains the foundation for success and ensures that the Deep Battle remains genuinely focussed on ‘hunting and not fishing’.  Alongside our international allies, Ex Warfighter (WFX) 21-4 in the USA, is now the aiming marker."