PLEXSYS released its ASCOT 7.2 software in February 2020, which brings significant new functionality and scaling capability to Distributed Training Centers. With its intuitive user interface (UI), ASCOT 7.2 is readily mastered, allowing for quick scenario development and execution. The UI for ASCOT 7.2 has been developed from several years of direct customer meetings and feedback. The PLEXSYS team has worked diligently to ensure that ASCOT 7.2 is a future-proof capability that is easily accessible and employable in the synthetic environment.

Image credit: PLEXSYS

New jamming capabilities have been added to improve simulations in scenarios. Additionally, the operator is able to display and replicate interference in advanced scenarios. The improved driving experience includes a visual display of range rings, editable entity start-up settings, automatic processing for intercept and fire on an entity, and Link-16 automatic message response. The Database Editor has also been updated to ensure user-convenience and functionality.

“An easy-to-use, intuitive user interface, and dynamically controlled database are essential for synthetic, live, and blended operations,” stated Ron Wiegand, President and CEO. “ASCOT 7, powered by our EnGen M&S framework, can integrate and augment with current and future systems.”