PLEXSYS recently unveiled Direct Link Interface (DLI) 6.8. This protocol translation tool is a software solution for customers with a requirement to interface operational data link terminals with synthetic, live, and blended participants.

Image credit: PLEXSYS

DLI is an essential gateway, supporting the exchange of data link messages between training systems and simulated data link participants in the DIS environment. This data exchange can be multi-way, where DLI is the access point that brings together multiple nodes using a variety of available interfaces. DLI offers users the ability to route data interfaces with options to filter DIS and Link 16 data. It is also has a notification and logging system for further troubleshooting.

“When working on the newest release of DLI, we were very deliberate in ensuring we met the needs of our customers. DLI 6.8 does just that,” said Davor Braut, PLEXSYS Utilities Product Manager. “DLI is the bridge that allows live integration with a virtual and constructive environment. PLEXSYS customers use DLI to facilitate data exchange between DIS and external platforms. They are pleased with design usability and minimal training involved in becoming proficient with the product.”

Some of the features it supports includes generating DIS simulation based on live Link 16 information and implementing several Military Standards (MIL-STD) and Standard NATO Agreements (STANAG).