Quantum3D’s flagship real-time image generator (IG) product, MANTIS, was selected by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for the company’s new generation fighter aircraft training simulator.

This turnkey image generator system will include hardware, software, installation and OEM training, a database generation system, a comprehensive database, and spare parts.

In addition to MANTIS’s features, the image generator will have radar detection capabilities. The IG shall provide full region-of-interest (ROI) out-the-window (OTW) visual scenes and will provide the pilot with a real-time visual environment of day and night scenes. Correlated sensors and radar channels will also be provided.

The state-of-the-art hardware, combined with the latest performance enhancements to the MANTIS image generator software, will result in an IG capable of driving 4K resolution projectors with 16x antialiasing. This leads to the generation of extremely realistic training environments with minimum distracting aliasing artifacts.

Quantum3D is continuously adding new capabilities to support today’s increasing demands for higher resolution and higher quality training and simulation environments.