Welcome to the site!

This new Halldale website brings together all content published in our three publications and their associated events and websites since January 2018! More ‘evergreen’ content will be added in the coming weeks and new content will be added daily as it is created.

Although not designed with COVID-19 in mind (we began in October last year) the site comes online at an ideal time to support the huge upsurge in demand for information that we, and many publishers, have seen since March. Our numbers have nearly doubled and we expect with the new depth of connected information that we can now offer the number will grow further.

The site serves as a repository of information on current and future training & simulation thinking, development and technologies for all safety critical occupations. This is available in print, audio and video formats and can be accessed by any of your platforms, where and when you need information or the opportunity for deeper research.

It brings together content provided by our international writers, speakers and commentators from Australia to the USA across topics from aviation to defense, and construction and healthcare to rail.

High technology training and simulation has proven to be the most effective method of training for complex, costly and dangerous occupations, and as fidelity and deliverability goes up and cost comes down there are few barriers to its use to ensure the safety of your workforce, clients, enterprises and the public.

We hope you enjoy your time on site and we hope you will return frequently. We look forward to your feedback!

Yours truly,

Andy Smith