When COVID-19 struck, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) supported customers with free 90-day licences for conducting distributed virtual simulation training using VBS3 and VBS4. Despite nations coming out of lockdown, social distancing restrictions continue to be a major factor impacting training.

BISim continues to see a strong uptake in militaries using VBS3 and VBS4 for distributed training from new military installations as well as home locations. BISim is therefore extending the offer of free licences to its Government customers for distributed virtual training uses until 31 December 2020.

For customers to implement flexible and agile solutions for distributed virtual training they may need to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies and work from non-military premises and even on non-military computers. Therefore, in addition to free licenses, BISim is also waiving the VBS3 and VBS4 End User License Agreement (EULA) restrictions on the use of non-military computers on non-military premises, and the use of remote desktop environments for the remainder of 2020*.

“By extending the use of temporary work-from-home licenses and allowing virtualization of work-based licenses till the end of the year, our customers will have significantly more flexibility as they continue to face COVID-19 related restrictions,” said Arthur Alexion, BISim’s CEO. “Despite the challenges of these present restrictions, innovative customers have seized the moment to explore the benefits of virtual training in online environments and we are happy to support them. I would encourage any customer who needs further licensing flexibility to facilitate full usage of our products to contact us. We want to be flexible and are open to suggestions.”

Some of the benefits of virtual training on distributed online networks include distanced training including from home locations, maintaining individual and collective training levels remotely, training with other units without the need for co-location, being better prepared for when field exercise is available by repeated virtual practice and trying out more complex tactics that are infrequently practiced in the live environment.

For the issue or extension of these temporary licences, please contact BISim.

* Subject to the following conditions: (i) applicable to Government Licensees only, (ii) for use by personnel of the Government Licensee only (including use on PCs or laptops located at the homes of the Government Licensee’s personnel), and (iii) time-limited until 31 December 2020. All of these conditions must be met by the Government Licensee for this temporary variation of usual licensing terms to apply. Except as temporarily varied, all terms and conditions of the BISim EULA(s) for the relevant BISim products continue to apply.