ThirdEye has partnered with AVATAR Partners to improve training and performance for military personnel and first responders. ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses, one of the lightest MR glasses on the market at just 300 grams, improves safety and efficiency, helping its users be mission ready.

AVATAR Partners has been keeping an eye on ThirdEye’s developments for several years. From the stress tests the X2 MR Glasses undergo to its SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) support, ThirdEye’s glasses were built to be used in action. ThirdEye has a proven track record of execution and success in military environments, and AVATAR Partners wanted to ensure its clientele – including all branches of the U.S. military – had the option to utilize these in future projects.

By wearing the X2 MR Glasses, military personnel and first responders can connect with experts anywhere through the glasses’ built-in proprietary 3D SLAM system, CAD modeling and overlay, and 5G capabilities. This allows step-by-step technical instructions and drawings to project onto the X2 MR Glasses’ display. Users can remain hands-free as documents can be opened and viewed via voice command.

“Our X2 MR Glasses were built with the real world in mind. We put them through rigorous stress tests by repeatedly throwing them against concrete with great force to ensure they’ll last while personnel work in the field,” said Nick Cherukuri, Founder and CEO of ThirdEye. “From our work with first responders to military personnel, we know that our hardware will help train them better for their missions and support them on the job.”

The X2 MR Glasses are untethered and fit a wide field of view with powerful sensors, providing advanced MR features that are not available on a monocular device, all while remaining hands-free – important for being out in the field where wires can be a potential hazard. The X2 MR Glasses also run on the latest Android 9.0 operating system (OS) allowing software to be easily ported onto the glasses.

“The detail behind the glasses is a perfect fit for our defense and industry customers,” said Marlo Brooke, CEO and Founder of AVATAR Partners. “All of our MR products, maintenance and training solutions, including ARMA (Augmented Reality Maintenance Aid), Avatar CONNECT and SimplifyXR, will support ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses. The low cost and strength of the glasses alone will mitigate risk and increase readiness for our customers from day one.”