Since the COVID-19 pandemic has raised many questions among Varjo’s customers on how to ensure safety and hygiene when using VR/XR headsets, Varjo is sharing its best practices so that headsets are safe to use.

For day-to-day use, the company suggests sanitizing the headset body before and after each session with non-abrasive antibacterial wipes. Headsets should be unplugged from their power source before cleaning, and the use of soap, harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or aerosols are not recommended as they can damage the device. Areas that should be wiped down include the face cushion, light blocker, and nose area, headband adjustment wheel, buttons, and cables. Headset lenses should be cleaned with optical lens wipes or a microfiber lens cloth. Before and after putting on a headset, a user should wash their hands (and face if possible). Any equipment used with the session, such as a controller, keyboard, mouse etc., should be wiped down as well.

For company-wide use, reserve a dedicated face cushion for each user. As personal headsets are rarely possible, Varjo recommends having a dedicated cushion for each individual user in a company. The face cushion can be changed in between users. It is also recommended to define and enforce detailed VR/XR etiquette for hygiene and safety. Detailed instructions should be put up at a dedicated VR/XR space.

In a demo stand, the company recommends planning the flow of people coming through a demo area in advance to avoid too many visitors. Offer pre-booking before the event to reserve demo slots, minimizing or even completely removing the need for visitors to line up. If possible, provide a different entry and exit into the demo area to minimize the proximity of visitors. A big enough demo space should be reserved to secure adequate social distancing, and the demo space should be used only for demoing, so that discussions can occur in another area.

If possible, provide instructions to the visitors beforehand to prepare them for the demo experience. Visitors should be asked to wash their hands before and after handling equipment. Bring hand sanitizer to your demo space if your visitors don’t have access to a sink or soap, however that usage of hand sanitizer should not replace hand and face washing. A mouth-covering face mask may be worn under the headset.