Flights originating in Europe have significantly increased since 1 July, up 38% since the end of June to nearly 13,000 a day – or 37% of 2019 levels. EUROCONTROL expects that to reach 55% by mid-August, or 21,000 daily flights.

After bottoming at only 64,000 passengers at European airports on 11 April (99% lower than 2019), the situation has improved to 1.6 million pax on 5 July (-81%).

All-cargo flights are stable, whereas business aviation is recovering faster, reaching only 17% below last year’s pace.

The top eight flows are domestic with southern European countries showing substantial increases over the past couple of weeks (Germany-Spain +153%, UK-Spain +169%, France-Spain +134%, Italy-Spain +173%, Germany-Greece +218%, UK-Italy +174%).

Selected restart plans for worldwide airlines:

  • American Airlines restoring limited services to Europe, with 15 routes resuming in October.
  • Delta Air Lines restoring services to Europe with two routes resuming in July, 16 in August, 10 in September and nine in October, with a further 24 routes set to return over the summer without a date as yet.
  • Southwest delaying return to international services to 1 January 2021; unused middle seat policy set to remain until end-September.
  • United Airlines capacity down 65% year-on-year in August, a 10% improvement on July, with around 40% of scheduled flights set to operate in August.
  • Emirates restoring services progressively, with five routes resuming between mid-July and mid-August.
  • Etihad Airways planning to restore flights to 58 destinations by end-August, bringing the carrier up to 45% of pre-Covid capacity.
  • AirAsia continuing to resume progressively its domestic operations in its core Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Philippines markets.
  • Japan Airlines expecting a 70% recovery in domestic traffic demand in August, with 90% of scheduled domestic flights planned to operate. International traffic remains firmly down however, with European frequencies still reduced by 76% in August and 75% in September.
  • Kenya Airways planning to resume domestic services on 15 July and international services on 1 August.
  • Gol increasing from 120 to 250 flights in July, around 25% of last year’s levels.


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