Ultra has won a Joint Interface Control Cell (JICC) Extended Trainer (JET) contract for the delivery of advanced trainers to support National Guard Warfighter objectives.

The National Guard procured three JET Systems to meet the unique training, test and evaluation needs of their Air National Guard. One of the Guard’s missions is to provide tactical data link enabled situational awareness and command and control to a variety of on-going operations around the world. JET enables the warfighter, concurrent with live operations, to set up and constructively manage simulated data links that include fixed and mobile sites, all warfighting domains, and the complete suite of simulated hostile and friendly battlespace entities.

JET is unique in the training and simulation world, delivering the ability to train Warfighters throughout the arc of the JICC team’s broad area of responsibility: planning, Link 16 radio emulation, tactical data link execution, link monitoring and after-action review. JET is a complete tactical data link and command and control suite for training in a Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) environment, simulating the breadth of the operational battlespace in a single system.

Providing best-of-breed capabilities to the JET system, Ultra worked with Plexsys Interface Products, Inc, and Parsons Corporation to provide the warfighter the ability to plan, test and train on complex tasks, leveraging a realistic LVC environment, all in a lightweight and portable system.