Venado Technologies is renaming its company to Skyllful. The new name reflects the company’s focus on the critical role of training in successful strategies for workforce adoption of mobile technology. The company, founded in 2009, is assuming the name of its flagship product, a mobile digital adoption platform (MDAP) that uses simulation training to help frontline workers use enterprise mobile apps more efficiently and effectively.

“As Venado Technologies, we designed and deployed mobile technology to frontline workers. But, we identified a major sticking point to adoption and ongoing engagement – a lack of training in mobile workers’ apps and devices,” said Justin Lake, co-founder and CEO of Skyllful. “With low engagement, we saw many, many companies investing millions of dollars in field technology but not realizing the “R” in ROI [return on investment] in increased productivity. We recognized that what the market needed most was a better way to improve mobile technology engagement by its frontline workers.”

Skyllful’s SaaS-based MDAP helps field operations leaders and professionals in change management and training & development drive faster adoption of mobile technology by its frontline workers. It provides scenario-based simulation training, ongoing education and real-time support that helps mobile workers retain knowledge better. By supporting new digital deployments and onboarding new hires, Skyllful’s MDAP runs natively on mobile devices, including industrial-grade and ruggedized handhelds and tablets. It can access native device peripherals and sensors, such as barcode scanners and printers, that are part of an enterprise’s digital solution.

“As a company, Skyllful is governed by the principle that mobile app training should never be a one-time event,” said Lake. “Instead of providing training only during new employee onboarding or when a new app is first deployed, Skyllful believes mobile app training should be highly valued as a key and ongoing component of professional development.”