Bau Bildung Sachsen (BBS), the competence centre for construction machine technology in the Free State of Saxony (Germany), has taken delivery of six of CM Labs’ Vortex Edge Max simulators to help train the next generation of construction workers in the region.
The simulators will be used at BBS’s Glauchau location, where they will help facilitate initial vocational training in over 20 trades in the construction industry, including exercises to support fine motor skills, endurance, and accuracy when using heavy machinery.
The deal came about thanks to a three-way partnership between ST Engineering Antycip, CM Labs, and KRS Solutions.

The Vortex Edge Max simulator has a rugged, stripped down design that minimises simulator costs. The simulator comes bundled with a full fleet of cranes, CM Labs’ complete earthmoving catalogue, or both, for a total of 10 machines in one unit. BBS decided that the full package would be ideal for its broad offering. The simulator’s heavy duty controls are designed to run any machine, and the screen rotates to provide an optimal field of view for every piece of equipment.
“The benefits of using virtual training methods are myriad,” said Enrico Salcuni, sales manager for Italy-DACH, ST Engineering Antycip. “They provide a secure and granted return on investment, as well as allowing operators to train in a safe and hazard free environment. These systems are becoming more and more common among companies, schools, and training centres alike, and I would suggest that everyone try it first-hand.”
The Vortex Edge Max simulators were delivered to BBS fully embedded with CM Labs’ Smart Training Technology and a motion platform that replicates the feel of the real equipment, as well as best-in-class visuals and exercises that replicate work site conditions.