The final of six Airways TotalControl tower simulator sites for Avinor Air Navigation Services in Norway has gone live, concluding a complex eight-month project with an innovative approach to delivery.

With the Airways International Ltd (AIL) and Avinor teams working thousands of kilometres apart and travel restrictions in place due to Covid-19, collaboration between AIL and Avinor was key. To meet project deliverables within tight timeframes, the Covid-19 mitigation strategy successfully used at Oslo Airport was extended to all remaining sites. The final tower simulator to be installed and commissioned was at Stavanger Airport in Sola on 16 December.

An agile approach and close collaboration with Avinor were necessary to deliver six large tower and four surveillance simulators across six sites throughout Norway, with 17 aerodrome environments in total. The project also includes six mobile simulators, and a five-year contract has been signed for simulator licence, support and maintenance.

For all installations, creative use of technology enabled factory acceptance testing to be delivered from New Zealand, with the team from Avinor participating from Norway. AIL’s simulator specialists guided Avinor technicians through the installation of hardware, and simulator user training was delivered remotely via the Airways Knowledge Online (AKO) virtual academy. Site acceptance testing was led by Avinor in Norway, with seamless engagement by AIL staff remotely.