Safety in the sky requires preparation on the ground. With a shortage of qualified pilots capable of mastering today’s high-technology aircraft, air carriers need a better way to provide the training required to keep commercial aviation moving.

The most valuable training takes pilots beyond proficiency and to a level of preparedness to handle any situation in the air. One that gives pilots the confidence and ability to be unshakable in the cockpit.

The best way to achieve that is through the most realistic and immersive training environment – with advanced-technology simulators and industry-leading visual systems that replicate reality in powerful, customizable ways. Pilots prepare best when simulation is virtually indistinguishable from what they face from the flightdeck while enabling the instructor to introduce more opportunities to safely master challenges that are too dangerous to practice in a real aircraft.

Unmatched Training Experience

With more than 75 years in the aviation training business employing advanced technologies such as flight simulators, FlightSafety International has championed the safety and key learning aspects of providing realistic ground-based training.  We work with aircraft manufacturers to make both the tactile feel and aerodynamic response of the simulator as real as possible.

 FlightSafety uses industry-leading technology to design and manufacture its Level D full flight simulators with electric six-degrees-of-freedom motion bases, ultra-high resolution glass visuals, and flight decks that perfectly replicate the look and feel of the aircraft.

Continuously improving the proven technology it designs and manufactures, FlightSafety supplies its VITAL 1150 visual system to operators demanding the highest quality out-the-window visuals. The VITAL 1150 projects ultra-high 4K or 8K resolution graphics onto an integrated CrewView wrap-around glass display for stunningly crisp visuals and greater image fidelity. The up to 360 x 135-degree field of view and high 120 Hz frame rate provide realistic imagery including comprehensive airport lighting systems, dynamic and enhanced shadowing for detailed topography and ocean effects, time of day modes including dawn and dusk, and five levels of precipitation intensity.

A VITAL MultiVis Weather simulation generates highly realistic and accurate low visibility effects and uses a physics-based weather model including atmospheric scattering to provide realistic wind, turbulence and precipitation effects.

FlightSafety simulators include advanced instructor stations equipped with an intuitive interface, scalable graphics and large displays with touchscreen controls. While aircraft system knowledge and operational procedures are important, the scenarios are also designed to help crews with aeronautical decision making and crew resource management. 

Building the Right Simulator

FlightSafety supports a range of commercial aircraft, manufacturing simulators for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier Regional Jet, Embraer and other OEMs. These simulators faithfully replicate the look, feel and performance of the most in-demand commercial transporters in the world.

For more information about FlightSafety simulation products, please contact for answers to specific questions.