Volatus Infrastructure, LLC, in partnership with Wittman Regional Airport and Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation, have established their first permanent eVTOL vertiport. The vertiport is being built at Wittman Regional Airport, Wisconsin, and will include a terminal with amenities, a landing pad and a vehicle agnostic charging station.

“The Volatus development allows us continued revitalization of our airport by integrating future aviation technology into existing infrastructure,” said Jim Schell, Wittman Regional Airport Director.

Volatus offers three main vertiport designs, a charging station, plus an app and maintenance programs.

“The future of air transportation lands today and it lands here in Oshkosh, Wisconsin,” said Grant Fisk, Co-Founder of Volatus. “Volatus is able to provide an infrastructure solution at a price point that will grant greater access to the eVTOL industry.”