The U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE)/Department of Operational Medicine (DoOM) has again awarded SIMETRI Inc. a 3-year contract to provide physician assistant instructional services and personnel for its Tactical Combat Medical Care Course (TCMC). SIMETRI instructors will continue to design and implement point-of-injury, combat medical readiness training curricula for military medical professionals at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. 

This marks SIMETRI’s second consecutive 3-year contract for TCMC, demonstrating the company’s reliability in implementing training curricula vital to combat medics’ effectiveness at administering care when deployed. The program enhances trainee critical care capabilities by simulating how life-saving medical procedures must be performed in hostile environments with limited resources.  

SIMETRI’s TCMC physician assistant instructors teach a wide range of individual courses, including didactic instructional support in casualty care at the point of injury, triage, primary and secondary survey of combat casualties to include airway management, extremity trauma, chest trauma, thermal burns, blood transfusions, wound management, antibiotics and pain control in the combat environment, splinting and dressing workshop, and fluid maintenance.