Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), a provider of law enforcement equipment and tactical training, are exhibiting at the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) for the first time this year. The company is showcasing its Tri-Fold system - a collection of lightweight, cabin-safe, single-use restraints and related accessories for controlling unruly passengers.

ASP Tri-Folds get their name from the way they collapse into a compact stowage configuration, each taking up less than nine cubic inches of space. When needed, the polymer restraints pop out to create two large loops that are easy to slip on even the largest wrists. A quick pull of the central loop tightens and secures the Tri-Folds, and further security is provided by a push-button compression lock. The restraints do not use keys—they must be cut off—and the company offers an accessory called a Scarab Cutter, as a completely safe means of accomplishing this. Other system accessories include stowage bands and a variety of storage cases.

ASP Vice President of Sales, Daryell Harmon—who will be in the company’s booth (407) at WATS - describes the Tri-Fold system as being optimal for aviation: “We understand the unique concerns of the industry, including space, weight, cost, and above all, safety. And this solution ticks all those boxes,” Harmon said.

He added that many airlines has adopted ASP Tri-Folds, and explains that the company also offers free passenger control training to companies deploying the system.