Guardiaris' spinoff company Carboteh, has introduced BANS – Battlefield Anti-aircraft Non-lethal VSHORAD System – to its product line, which will be officially unveiled in Paris at Eurosatory, 13-17 June 2022. 

BANS introduces effective anti-aircraft defence without a single shot fired. The light shoulder weapon simulates a missile launch pattern that digitally stimulates an aircraft’s missile launch warning and detection system and triggers its alarm. The combat aircraft or helicopter is forced to immediately dispense countermeasures with flares. Extensive use of flares leaves the combat aircraft vulnerable to anti-aircraft missiles. Pilots must then either abort their mission or remain under VSHORAD missiles.   

The BANS device is battery powered and delivers up to 500 simulated missile launch activations. It is easy to use, with no specific training needed and very cost effective. As such, BANS devices can be widely distributed throughout the battlefield with a swarm attack logic, thus significantly shifting the course of future airstrike missions. 

BANS has multiple usage varieties, but the most effective is when used in tandem with MANPADS, SHORAD or mounted on any remote weapon station or drone. This results in significant increase in target hit probability.