Cirrus Aircraft delivered the first of 25 SR Series TRAC20 aircraft to United Aviate Academy. The TRAC20 is an advanced, high-performance aircraft that will be used for initial pilot training. In February, the company announced a purchase agreement with United Aviate Academy to purchase 25 TRAC20 aircraft with the option to acquire 50 more as the program grows.

United Aviate Academy’s TRAC20 fleet is equipped with an integrated avionics suite essential for situational awareness and hazard avoidance, such as Synthetic Vision, ChartView, Active Traffic and more. These advanced avionics will prepare United Aviate Academy students for their careers at regional and mainline airlines after graduation. Additionally, the hot weather package keeps students and instructors comfortable in the Goodyear, Arizona, training environment. The hazard and traffic avoidance features provide extra safety in this dense flight training area. 

Cirrus Aircraft offers an aircraft personalization program where customers work with the Cirrus Aircraft Xi Design team to create a custom aesthetic for their aircraft using their own inspiration and vision. United Aviate Academy collaborated with the Xi Design team to create a unique livery featuring aspects of both brands. All 25 aircraft will feature this design featuring the blue and white United Aviate Academy logo on the tail, fuselage, and crew seats as well as a wear-resistant interior.

The Academy is part of United’s pilot career development program, which offers aspiring and established pilots a direct path to a United flight deck. Within the next decade, United aims to hire more than 10,000 pilots and train about 5,000 aspiring pilots to aviation through the Academy.