FLAIM Systems has released the latest update to FLAIM Extinguisher, including a new construction site environment, wind turbine scenarios, fire blanket updates, Localisation improvements, and the inclusion of a magnesium fire to the science laboratory.

The new construction site environment features four different scenarios and highlights the extra care needed when working at heights. The company has included welding and brazing hot works fires as well as engine and hydraulic line heavy machinery fires.

FLAIM has also added advanced versions of the wind turbine scenarios which feature larger and more difficult versions of the fires.

In this release, the company has paid particular attention to the fire blanket and have improved its functionality and realism significantly. A manually triggered suppression system has also been added to the commercial kitchen.

The company now has 28 localised text country / language variations. Extinguisher bottle and band colours have also been localised where possible.

A magnesium fire in a CNC milling machine has been added to the science laboratory. This is the company’s first combustible metal (class D) fire, and it demonstrates the unique issues associated with these types of fires.