MINT Software Systems has made a service agreement with Allegiant to implement the web-based training management system, MINT TMS.

During a time when pilots are in high demand, it becomes imperative to cultivate a streamlined and effective training process. Through this partnership with MINT, Allegiant adapts to the competitive climate by automating manual processes, eliminating tedious steps, and ending reliance on myriad spreadsheets to manage the training schedule.

“This new partnership is an investment in our airline and our pilots, as it will provide an automation solution that will improve the efficiencies of our training and scheduling practices,” says Tracy Tulle, Allegiant’s senior vice president of Flight Crew Operations.

To help Allegiant provide a progressive training experience and stay competitive during this talent shortage, MINT TMS gives Allegiant’s training planners the tools to simplify instructor schedules, classroom distribution, student allocation, and optimize flight simulator utilization.

The training management improvements aren’t limited to training planners; instructors and trainees will access their training schedules, notifications, reports, and learning materials from their mobile devices at any time, improving the overall training experience for their crew.

“We know that there are more choices than ever for those who pursue careers in the aviation industry,” said Vice President of Flight Crew Planning & Administration at Allegiant, Allen Thieman. “So it‘s important to us that we provide a training experience that will reinforce Allegiant as an employer of choice among pilots. Efficient training and a strong scheduling system are critical to our growth strategy. That’s why Allegiant selected MINT TMS as our new training management solution. It will widen our training capacity and provide a better experience for our pilots and instructors."

The agreement with Allegiant includes the cloud-hosted (SaaS) MINT TMS for training planning, record management, e-grading, in-depth reporting, and performance analysis capabilities. In addition, MINT TMS will integrate with various IT systems, including the crew management system used by Allegiant.