Training for Aviation’s Next Era

The 20th European Airline Training Symposium

8-9 November 2022 • Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany


Hugues Carpentier is the Head of Training at Egnatia Aviation. A flight instructor for over 24 years, Hugues holds EASA and FAA licenses plus numerous national validations. He has taught and flown in three continents and six countries, acquiring a broad knowledge of the working practices of various governing authorities, licensing systems, schools’ curriculums, and educational methods. He is also one of our speakers at EATS 2022!

Hugues will be looking at a subject first raised by Captain Andy O'Shea back at EATS 2019, the low airline selection rate of newly qualified pilots. A waste of ATO resources that leaves a trail of heartbroken candidates.

With an expectation of global aviation being 80,000 pilots short by 2032, action is needed now to reverse the high rejection rates and avoid a staffing crisis.

The goal of the presentation, in Hugues' words, is to convince the ATOs to raise their game to attract cadet programs.

He will look at the reasons behind the high rejection rate and offer a number of solutions that can be implemented to boost the number of pilots gaining access to the cockpit. He will draw on his own experiences as well as highlight some case studies from different airlines, who have seen the benefits of getting involved in ab-initio training.

Hugues' high calibre presentation is one of many that we are proud to deliver for you at EATS 2022, packed full of the latest innovative training solutions for pilots and cabin crew. Supported by the training industry and subject matter experts, the EATS 2022 conference will provide practical solutions for those day to day challenges and offers key insights into the future of the industry.

Presentations and moderated discussions led by industry and airline experts will allow the airline training community to share best practice, lessons learned and the challenges of recovery and return to growth.

The full details of our conference programmes are coming soon.

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