Ryanair has entered into a 5-year partnership extension with CEFA Aviation to provide cloud-based mobile service CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services) for Ryanair’s pilot training programmes.

Ryanair was the first airline in Europe to introduce this pilot training innovation with the only app in the world allowing pilots to replay their flights on their tablet after landing and is pleased to agree a further 5-year extension.

Dominique Mineo, CEFA Aviation’s CEO and founder said: “CEFA AMS has proven its significant contribution to improving training and flight safety by offering new learning opportunities to pilots from their daily flights. The ability to self-critique, previously unavailable, is a unique aspect of the CEFA platform and is seen by pilots as a valuable addition to post-flight review. We are excited that our software tool has been chosen by Ryanair to strengthen the training resources of its pilots over the next five years and we look forward to the extension of our partnership which will pave the way for new developments.”

Ryanair’s Director of Operations, Neal McMahon, said: “Our pilots are very pleased with the addition of this new software tool which delivers constructive feedback to our crew after every flight and we are excited to extend our agreement with CEFA to continue to deliver the highest standard of training to our pilots.”