The Warfighter Podcast wraps up the season with two blockbuster guests for the final episode.

Colin and Tom speak to Matt Chuter from Babcock, sponsor of the podcast, to learn more about how the latest evolutions in the battlefield are shaping the Crucible Teams thinking about the future design for Army collective training. 

Matt also reflected on some of his personal highlights from this season, including Jenny McArdle on the future of Land Training, Andy Gales discussing TES, and Ethan Wilson on the Grey Zone.

The second guest in this episode was Col Arnel David, who returns to the show in a new post which presented lots of talking points about his latest challenge and works.

The discussion is wide ranging and covers:

  • Exploration of ‘Prototyping Warfare’ and its benefits over traditional strategies.
  • The impact of clinging to comfortable but outdated assumptions on military effectiveness.
  • How militaries cling to comfortable assumptions.
  • How do we make a case for change in the absence of a significant credible threat?
  • What role government procurement plays in facilitating the rapid conversion of new ideas into capabilities.
  • Key recommendations for military leaders and policymakers to ensure their strategies are adaptable and effective in a fast-changing strategic landscape.


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The show is co-hosted by Tom Constable, a former British Army Officer turned technology entrepreneur, and ex-British Royal Navy officer Colin Hiller.

MS&T special correspondent Andy Fawkes is also a regular guest, providing a digest of the recent modelling & simulation news, with some discussion around the more interesting trends.