For the penultimate episode of The Warfighter Podcast season, Colin and Tom tackle what might seem like a simple question, but proves to be expansive - What does it mean to deliver realism in Training? 

The boys are joined by Anthony Pittman who, as well having a lengthy service in the British Army where he lived and breathed training, is currently the Director for Development & Optimisation at Babcock.

Always a contentious subject, Colin and Tom don’t hold back on the difficult questions for Anthony, who deals with each point elegantly, tackling diverse subjects such as:

  • What is Realism anyway?
  • Is there an optimum level for Realism?
  • Could we cope with greater Realism?
  • Doesn’t adding Realism always cost more money?
  • Do we have enough scientific rigour to understand training effectiveness vs Realism?


Anthony wraps up the discussion with his vision for what improved realism means for the future of collective training.


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