Treality Simulation Visual Systems (I/ITSEC Booth 1949) has received awards from three unnamed customers in Europe and the Middle East for RP-X displays for fast-jet full mission simulators.

The RP-X is the latest evolution of Treality’s rear-projected visual display system. It features a patented aspherical dome screen matched to the aspect ratio of current simulation projectors, optimizing pixel output from every channel. It matches efficiently with both 4K and 8K projection technology. 

“Given its low channel count, small footprint and exceptional visual performance, RP-X is now firmly established as the new standard for rear-projection full-mission simulator display systems,” said Mark Saturno, Treality SVS President.  

The company’s visual systems are used in flight, maritime, air traffic control, driving, ground warfare, and firearms simulators as well as a variety of research applications.