The ATPG and Halldale Group are pleased to announce the release of:

Path to big data: A white paper on the current state of data management in global recurrent pilot training

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The working group comprised of SMEs: Jur Crijnen, Dr. Patrizia Knabl-Schmitz, Luis Martins, and Scott Nutter and is led by product owner Allyson Kukel from the Halldale Group, and scrum master Andy Mitchell, chair of the ATPG.

The team coalesced around developing a straightforward white paper on big data for the aviation industry and initiated their work on the subject in late summer 2021. It is a positive bi-product of the Leader Forum, which comprised five topics of key industry interest; skill Decay, XR technology, EBT/CBTA, Big Data, and UPRT. 

Scott Nutter the CEO of Touch and Go Solutions and AQP expert said: “within your data, there is useful information and insights about your operation. These form the basis of sound decision making.” Making informed decisions is a primary theme running throughout the paper.

Allyson Kukel said: “We are incredibly pleased by the body of work that the team has put together and are looking forward to industry feedback so we can assess what to tackle next.” Luis Martins, the Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor at FTE Jerez added: “We know that designing an effective training system that is driven by big data evidence is both intimidating and rewarding. The goal of this paper is to help to lessen the former to quicken the arrival of the latter.” 

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